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The Lil’ Chuckster begins as high quality ¾” solid pine board which is hand cut, assembled & routed to form the cabinet. Once sanding and finishing are done, the entire cabinet is coated with a DuPont Kevlar impregnated spray which permanently bonds to the wood, like a protective candy shell. Rugged faux cane grille material is stretched on a floating, user replaceable baffle and sandwiched by a 6” Weber AlNiCo speaker. This speaker is the heart & soul of the Chuckster’s sound and is, to my knowledge, the best sounding 6” guitar speaker on the planet. The handle, feet, and stainless hardware are capable of supporting a much larger amp and ensure that the Chuckster will be a worry free sonic companion for years to come. The tidy hand wired circuit is enclosed in a cast aluminum enclosure and built on a PCB hand etched with extra heavy copper traces. All electrical components are top grade from the 18v capable NOS JRC386 to the Nichicon audiophile filter caps. Your signal flows through Mil-spec shielded cable and can be routed to the internal speaker, an extension speaker or an attenuated headphone jack.

- Weber AlNiCo 6" speaker
- JRC '386' chip can be run between 9VDC-18VDC for 1/2-1W output
- PCB layout & etching by the excellent Mr. John Lyons
- switchable internal/external speaker & headphone out
- 9V battery drawer for tool free battery changes
- obsessive quality throughout
- hand stamped & individually numbered
- small business/local business friendly
- lifetime warranty

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